Energizer Day Permission Form - June 2024

Energizer Day Information & Schedule

Please note that there is no cost to students or families for any Energizer Day events .Our Energizer Day is Scheduled for Tuesday June 18, 2024. We have tried to organize activities to support and engage all students and we hope to see as many students as possible take advantage of these great opportunities. For the Trail Ride and Miners Hike, parents/guardians will have to arrange drop off and pick at the locations indicated below. Please see the schedule for all events below. Students will be able to pick the events that they wish to participate in using a google form that can be found in our Ravens Nest Google classroom. Students will choose a full day event OR an event for each of the 4 periods.

All Day Events

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5

For Everyone - Teacher Student Games in the gym and Field